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Hi there! I’m Erica…

“Has it been awhile since you identified what’s important to you? Do you know what makes your heart sing? Does your business inspire you?”

In business and life, are you following your heart? Have you stopped to listen?

Fifteen years ago I survived a near-fatal car accident. At the time, my business consumed me—I was traveling too much, working long hours, and paying the price with my physical health. I figured I’d slow down “some day.” Well, I did. The dramatic wake-up call of that car accident got my attention. I realized that LIFE IS TOO SHORT to wait for “some day.” Each of us must clarify our unique definition of success then focus our energy on what’s important. For me, that means spending time with the people I love, being outdoors, taking time to notice my breath, managing creative projects, and encouraging others to reconnect to their passion.

I love how Erica combines so many different coaching techniques to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Her money mindset training resulted in several thousand dollars worth of extra income for me. I’m sold!
Julie Hood,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this experience. It was so fun to feel, know and dream what is possible and to know that at higher levels of abundance I can give back to my community and the world in ways that do not just involve my time and efforts. It felt so good to be witnessed, heard and acknowledged and made it seem more tangible. The live tapping on the phone call came though as one of your many gifts. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for so many of us to breakthrough through to a healthy mindset with abundance and the balance of giving and receiving. I am so grateful.
Jen Mons, Wellness Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher,

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