The 10-Day Money Mindset Makeover™ is for the determined and heart-centered entrepreneur like you who has been in business awhile, done awesome work with clients you enjoy serving, and is seriously now ready to elevate your business revenue to new expanded levels. You may even be a new entrepreneur, who is ready to hit the ground running.

Yes, you know full well it’s not just “about the money” and that it’s truly about using your gifts to touch the world…but you also believe that money is energy and with more of both you will be able to do so much more good in the world.

What you mostly want is to face, uncover, and break through any internal mindset barriers so you can step even more confidently into the next level of wealth!

The 10-Day Money Mindset Makeover™ (10-Day MMM) is all about breaking through those barriers with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. The course provides the tools and support you need to bust through internal barriers to greater success, reboot & rewire your mindset with scientifically proven techniques, and bring your business to the next financial level and beyond!!

The 10-Day MMM™ is an experiential program that helps you actively expand your brain’s capacity to think more prosperously and hit your own new levels of wealth.

It’s the exact program I go through myself each year and have done so since 2008. Back then, I lost my millionaire status in the real estate crash and I went into massive debt. The powerful strategy I created and implemented, (which is the foundation of the 10-Day MMM™), played a key role in helping me to achieve a full financial recovery (and some:) within three years.

This is a high-impact 10 days with both inner and outer activity. The course is designed to have you immediately step into those new levels of success, and in it you will:

• Watch a short video I created that shows you (or reminds you) how to do the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) “tapping” that is an integral part of the program.

• Respond to a daily post in our private FB group, which will ask you to act “as if” you achieved a new level of wealth that day… answering key questions that are designed to help you create new neural pathways in your brain that support new levels of wealth.

• Attend two group calls where we will do EFT “tapping” to address and clear any blocks that arise in response to the new growth you are experiencing.

• Do a weekend of “soul work” (I hate homework:) to augment and boost your mindset shifts, where you’ll be taking focused action to clear outdated items in your home, office, or home-office to prepare for increased wealth. (You’ll determine the level of action you take. Past participants have spent as little as 20 minutes to as much as a full day.)

Overall Results: You will deepen your relationship with money and learn how to align with its energy and flow…from the inside out. With a combination of “inner work” and “real life actions” with your current financial environment and beliefs, you will break through barriers to new wealth levels, increase your belief in what’s possible for you (true wealth all starts there), and become a deeply aligned steward of your money and new levels of  wealth.

What graduates say…

“Thanks so much for holding the space for an amazing 10-day experience! I have at least two new clients AND a brand-new coaching level in the works. There’s a tremendous amount of “money magic” with your Money Mindset program! I love you combine so many different coaching techniques to take you from where you are to where you want to be. The 10-Day Money Mindset Makeover™ resulted in several-thousand-dollars-worth of extra income for me. I’m sold!”                   ~ Julie Hood,

“I had the great fortune of taking Erica’s Money Mindset Makeover course. I got so much out of it and didn’t even realize I’d had blocks to having conversations about money. Those blocks were preventing me from new levels of success in my business. If you have the opportunity to take that course, I’d give you a whole-hearted ‘yes you should take that course!’ You can not only address the blocks and barriers that are in front of you, known or unknown, that are holding you back, and that you’ve put in your own way – but by listening to Erica’s sage wisdom and participating in the program the way she presents it, like I did, I can assure you that you will get through those blocks and move forward in your journey of greater wealth.”                                                                                                   ~ Doug Sandler, CEO

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this experience. It was so fun to feel, know and dream what is possible and to know that at higher levels of abundance I can give back to my community and the world in ways that do not just involve my time and efforts. It felt so good to be witnessed, heard and acknowledged and made it seem more tangible. The live tapping on the phone call came through as one of your many gifts. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for so many of us to breakthrough through to a healthy mindset with abundance and the balance of giving and receiving. I am so grateful.”                                                                                                                                      ~ Jen Mons, Wellness Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher,


Upcoming Course: 2/15/21 – 3/1/21*

Starts: Monday, February 15, 2021 – in a private Facebook group. Daily exercises.

* Course spans 10 business days, 20 minutes per day, in a private Facebook group.


Investment: $397 – send email with “I’m interested” in subject line and I’ll be in touch:


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