Podcast Ep157: Classic Rewind: “Nice Guys On Business Hosts, Doug Sandler & Strickland Bonner, visit the Show!”







Show Notes – Episode 157

Episode Notes

This Classic Rewind, a fan favorite, brings back an inspiring and joyful interview! To celebrate the show’s 100th episode, podcast host, Master Business Coach, and Mental Fitness Expert, Erica Ross-Krieger interviewed her favorite two Podcasting Experts — Turnkey Podcast Production owners, and the Nice Guys on Business podcast hosts, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner.


Listen in as Doug & Strick share:

• Their own podcasting journey and the creation of The Nice Guys on Business podcast.

• How their podcast success naturally lead them to create Turnkey Podcast Productions.

• The top struggles podcasters face and tips for getting beyond them.

• How their skill sets complement each other and other secrets for finding and working with a great business partner.

• How the Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula can support podcast success.

• Why creating a podcast is a great way to leverage your talent, expand your community, and create another revenue stream.

• A gift from Doug & Strick:



Connect with Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TurnkeyPodcast

Website: https://www.turnkeypodcast.com

Contact info: https://www.turnkeypodcast.com/contact



Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner have been friends for more than 20 years. They share a common passion – exemplary customer service. Going above and beyond has always been the key to business for both Doug and Strick. Both have built successful businesses and both have spent a career over-delivering in a world filled with mediocre service.

As hosts of the widely popular Nice Guys on Business Podcast, they have created and produced more than 1300 episodes of their podcast, interviewing hundreds of guests — from well-known celebrities to everyday working heroes. Their show has been downloaded nearly 4 million times and shared millions of times in over 175 countries.

If you are an entrepreneur, opening or already running a small business, their podcast The Nice Guys on Business can help you do better. If you have, or want to launch your own podcast, their business Turnkey Podcast Productions can help you take your podcast to new heights.

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