Micro-movements: The Entrepreneur’s Key to “Wellth”

Balance. The illusion is that it’s a static state. Nothing could be further from reality.

Try this: stand on one foot, lifting the other from the floor a few inches. Stand like this for 1 full minute.

Simply notice what is happening in the ankle of the foot you are standing on. No doubt, you can feel small, almost undetectable movements going on in your ankle. Your body is course-correcting — shifting subtly so you remain upright. Micro-movements. This is how your body naturally achieves balance. It’s those tiny shifts that do the job.

So, my question for you to consider today is this: where do you need to make small shifts and micro-movements in your business and life to bring about even higher levels of “wellth” (aka: well-being)?

Once upon a time, my own business and life were so greatly out of balance that small shifts did not do the trick. Well, they would have, earlier on, but I wasn’t interested in investing. Nope, a serious car accident and health challenge were the wake-up calls that had me do some major course-correction. But, as I just hinted, there were clues way before that. I just wasn’t listening.

Now, I look for clues every day. Clues to the micro-movements that are needed. Clues that tell me to find an easier way, a more joyful way, a juicier way. You can do this, too. But first, define “wellth” and/or “well-being” for yourself. No doubt some clues to what’s needed for balance will be right there.

Does “wellth” and well-being for you include time outdoors every day? Does it include a healthy financial bottom-line in your business? And if so, what is that healthy bottom-line? Does it include a weekly lunch zoom meeting? Does it mean 6, 7, 8 or 9 hours sleep each night? What else will you look at? The joy factor in your day?

In the stand-on-one-foot example, balance was determined by this criteria: were you able to stand on one foot for 1 minute? How will you determine if your entrepreneurial life is in balance? How will you define balance, “wellth” and/or well-being? I encourage you to do more than just think about this. It’s the necessary step before you decide which micro-movements to make.

Take some time out, eyes closed, and begin to imagine the experience of balance. Get a strong sense of how balances feels in your body by actually shifting yourself into your perception of a balanced state — perhaps a state where you are relaxed, yet quite alert. Notice your breath. Notice your posture. Notice your heartbeat and yet at the same time, notice the air temperature. Just notice. Take a few deep breaths and spend some time writing about balance. But write about the feeling, rather than what you would be doing if your business and life were in balance.

I emphasize the feeling of balance because it can be home base for you. A place where you return regularly. At any point in time, you may be course correcting back to this place of balance. In this way, you will come to appreciate subtle shifts — to your nutrition, to your activity level, to your busy-ness factor — as the powerful tools they are. Subtle shifts and micro-movements on a continued basis keep us in balance.

I described my own return to balance in a recent interview with a colleague on her podcast. In the interview, I mentioned that role-models, mentors, and a coach all play vital roles in helping me live a balanced entrepreneurial life. Find the role models, mentors and coaches that will help you do the same. They can help give you perspective, advice, input, and feedback to help you make those subtle shifts that will keep you returning to your “home base” of balance.

What helps you live a balanced entrepreneurial life?

Let us know in my Facebook group, The Quantum Wellth Cafe.

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