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Podcast E14: Janet K. Fish: The Entrepreneurial Mindset








Show Notes – Episode 14 

 Janet K. Fish: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

 In this episode, Erica Ross-Krieger interviews business coach, Janet K. Fish.  Janet is the author of the Amazon best-selling book Quit Your Day Job – 10 Steps to Finding Financial Freedom, and host of the Breakaway Entrepreneur Podcast.

Listen in as Janet shares:

  • Her own journey from corporate exec to entrepreneur.
  • Top ways entrepreneurs get in their own way…and how they can shift that.
  • The need for community.
  • Three ways entrepreneurs are responding to the current climate.
  • The first 5 steps in her 10-step process for building a successful entrepreneurial business and financial freedom.
  • How we can get her free e-book

Key Takeaways:

  • Getting our businesses off the ground and “in flight” is critical.
  • Building community and not doing it all solo is important in our entrepreneurial businesses.
  • It’s important to identify our target markets by stating clearly “these are the problems I solve” and “how I uniquely do that.”
  • Janet’s 10-steps for building a successful business and financial freedom are a blueprint for entrepreneurial success.

Gifts from Janet:


 Connect with Janet K. Fish:

Janet K. Fish, Bio

 A reformed corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, Janet has found her passion in coaching others. Known as a PAK, (professional ass kicker) Janet challenges her clients to get out of their own way and get into massive action using the 10-step process she’s developed while coaching over 1000 entrepreneurs in 16 countries.

Janet helps her clients start or grow their business, make lots of money and invest it for long-term growth and security. She is the host of the Breakaway Entrepreneur Podcast and author of the Amazon best-selling book Quit Your Day Job – 10 Steps to Finding Financial Freedom 2nd Edition. Monday through Thursday, Janet coaches and podcasts…and on Fridays, you’ll find her on the golf course.


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