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Podcast E10: Cheri S. Hill, CEO, Protecting Wealth: Is it Time to Incorporate?








Show Notes – Episode 10

In this episode, Erica Ross-Krieger interviews Cheri S. Hill, President & CEO of Sage International, Inc., a leading provider of financial education, business development, and wealth protection strategies. She’s also and best-selling author of “Inc. and Grow Rich: How to Cut Taxes 70% and Protect Your Assets Forever.” 

Listen in as Cheri shares:

  • Her own 27-year entrepreneurial journey.
  • How we can protect our entrepreneurial wealth.
  • The “three flaming arrows of challenge” and how to defend against them.
  • The key types of business entities and when they’re appropriate.
  • How we know when it’s time to incorporate.
  • How to get a free consultation from Sage, Intn’l.

Key Takeaways:

  • A business entity will help protect us from the “3 flaming arrows” of challenge for entrepreneurs, and protect our wealth for generations to come.
  • If we are ready to go from a “hobbyist” to serious business owner, setting up a business entity and structure is imperative.
  • Sage International can establish business entities in any one of our 50 states, and what we need to establish is unique to each of us.
  • Cheri’s gift of a free 30-minute consultation will help you determine if now is the time for you to incorporate to protect your wealth. It will also help determine whether an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, non-profit or other structure is right for you.

Connect with Cheri S. Hill:


Call: 1-800-254-5779 or visit http://sageintl.com to schedule



WEEKLY BROADCAST – Cheri Hill Radio Show:








Cheri S. Hill, President & CEO

Sage International, Inc.

President & CEO of Sage International, Inc., Cheri has been working with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and nonprofit founders for over 27 years helping them to start and grow a successful business.

Cheri knows that to win in business you need to be tough, think big and become skilled. As a gutsy, successful business owner and creative mentor to many, she loves to give back.  She serves on three local nonprofit boards, is a national speaker, best-selling author, and host of the weekly broadcast Cheri Hill Radio Show (www.CheriHillShow.com).

When she’s not helping folks figure out how they’re going to change the world, she does it herself as a Beekeeper.  How sweet!

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