Podcast E33: Sheila Kennedy, CEO: “Why Self-Publi$h?”








Show Notes – Episode 33

In this episode, Erica Ross-Krieger interviews the CEO of The Zebra Ink. And business coach for authors, Sheila Kennedy.  An author, publisher, and marketing and publicity strategist, Sheila opens the doors of opportunity for authors, speakers and entrepreneurs to be seen, heard and hired.

Erica talks with Sheila about her expertise in opening those doors of opportunity for entrepreneurs considering authorship.

Listen in as Sheila shares:
  • Her own entrepreneurial journey as she founded The Zebra Ink.
  • The challenges with traditional publishing.
  • The advantages of self-publishing.
  • The first steps in writing a book and in navigating the world of self-publishing.
  • Why Sheila is known as “The Confidence Coach” and how she brings this to her work with authors.
  • What’s up with the Zebra? Why is it deeply meaningful?
  • Why the 8-week Self-Publishing Roadmap course was born and the value of participating.
  • How listeners can learn about the next 8-week course schedule.
Sheila’s 8-week self-publishing roadmap course and main website:


Connect with Sheila Kennedy

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• LinkedIn:


Sheila’s Bio

Sheila Kennedy, CEO, The Zebra Ink.

Believing everyone has a story to tell, Sheila Kennedy supports others as they write their wisdom, speak their stories and impact the world.

Sheila serves best by leading others through the minefield of vulnerability traveled when sharing their hard-won wisdom with others.

A two-time solo author, a co-author of a best-selling memoir and an award- winning anthology, a publisher, and a publicity and marketing strategist, Sheila opens the doors of opportunity for authors, speakers and entrepreneurs to be seen, heard and hired.

Aside from her daughter, her greatest joy in life is connecting authors with the resources and audience they need to succeed.

Sheila is a fireball whose passion is helping others build their pages, platform and profits.

Connect With Erica:

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Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A., BCC

Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A, is a nationally acclaimed Business and Success-Mindset Coach, author of the inspirational book, Seven Sacred Attitudes®—How to Live in the Richness of the Moment, and an EFT (Tapping) Expert.

6, 7, & 8-figure entrepreneurs hire Erica to help them identify and clear the inner mindset blocks that are keeping them from new levels of wealth. The founder of New Attitudes Corporation, Erica works with entrepreneurs throughout the world, inspiring them to come to life more fully and helping them attain these new levels of wealth as they define it.

Erica’s wide range of educational achievements include a Master’s Degree in Organization Development, certificates in EFT (Tapping) as well as in Nutrition Education, a national research grant to study and publish results on “Principles of Chinese Medicine and How They Relate to Organizational Well-Being”, and post-graduate training as an Art Therapist.

Erica blends her extensive professional background with her personal life experiences to offer powerful and transformative programs, services, products and the Entrepreneur’s Café Podcast, rich with multi-faceted wisdom—in doing so, her work fosters a sense of well-being for clients, readers, and podcast listeners worldwide.

Erica lives in Northern California with her husband, Steve, and a garden of lavender that soothes her soul.

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