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Podcast E15: Joy Bufalini: Simplifying’s the Doorway to Multiplying Income








Show Notes – Episode 15

In this episode, Erica Ross-Krieger interviews business coach for entrepreneurs, Joy Bufalini.  Joy’s signature “Simplify to Multiply Method™” helps her clients significantly increase their sales without doing launches, webinars, sales funnels or ads. Erica talks with Joy about this powerful yet uncomplicated system.

Listen in as Joy shares:

  • Her own journey from educator to successful entrepreneur and how the Simplify to Multiply™ method was birthed.
    The importance of simplifying your business model and how “doing more of all the things” is not serving us.
  • Why consistently “showing” up without a focus isn’t as powerful as “showing up” this way…
  • Why building community around your message is important.
  • The top way entrepreneurs get in their own way…and how it takes faith and trust to shift that.
  • The same steps Joy took to take her own business from start up to beyond multiple-six-figures.
  • How listeners can get Joy’s gift to us of a 90-minute recorded Simplify to Multiply™ retreat and workbook for free, which is valued at hundreds of dollars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Messaging is key. Our messages must let our audience know we are “in their heads” and can clearly solve their problems.
  • Building community must be a priority.
  • Consistent visibility and showing up with deeper messages that appear to “get inside your clients” heads is very different from consistent unfocused and non-meaningful visibility.
  • Shifting from all-over-the-place action and letting go of scattered effort, to embrace simpler, focused action takes trust and faith.
  • It’s important to consistently communicate to our audience that “these are the problems I solve” and “my approach uniquely does that.”

Gift from Joy:

• Joy’s Simplify to Multiply™ virtual retreat:


Connect with Joy Bufalini:

• Website:


• Facebook group:


• LinkedIn:


Joy Bufalini, CEO Simplify to Multiply™

Joy Bufalini has been in the coaching industry for 10 years and has been featured in both Entrepreneur and O magazines.

Using her signature Simplify to Multiply Method™, she helps her clients double and triple their sales without doing any launches, webinars, sales funnels, or ads. Her Simplify to Multiply™ FB community is the place to be to create a business that is infinitely scalable and feeds your soul.

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