Ep 74 Erica 7SA

Podcast Ep74: “7 Sacred Attitudes for Entrepreneurs” – Part 1 –

Subscribe             Show Notes – Episode 74 Episode Notes In this episode, podcast host, Master Business Coach, and Mental Fitness Expert, Erica Ross-Krieger introduces you to her body of work, “Seven Sacred Attitudes,” as it applies to entrepreneurial success and happiness. Based on neuroscience, somatic emotional therapy, and principles of […]

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Podcast E30: Mindset Chat #2 with Host, Erica Ross-Krieger: “Recovery from Unusual Attitudes”

Subscribe             Show Notes – Episode 30 In this episode, Podcast Host, Master Business Coach, and EFT Expert, Erica Ross-Krieger, provides Mindset Chat #2. Listen in as Erica shares: Her favorite essay from her book, Seven Sacred Attitudes, called “Recovery from Unusual Attitudes.” The definition of an “unusual attitude.” How […]

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