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Podcast E24: Julie Hood, CEO, CCHQ: “7 Steps to Creating a Side Hustle with an Online Course”

Subscribe             Show Notes – Episode 24 In this episode, Erica Ross-Krieger interviews Julie Hood, CEO of Course Creators HQ (CCHQ) and expert course creation guru. Julie’s signature helps people easily and efficiently turn their knowledge, gifts, and strengths into powerful online courses. Erica talks with Julie about all of […]

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Podcast E4: Key Secrets to Creating a Profitable Online Course with Julie Hood of CCHQ

Subscribe             Show Notes – Episode 4  In this episode, Erica Ross Krieger interviews Julie Hood, of Course Creators Headquarters (CCHQ). Julie shares: How to determine and use what you already have or know to create a profitable online course. A powerful exercise to determine the focus of your course. […]

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